Pursuant to the GDPR, organisations are obliged to appoint a DPO in certain cases. If you’d like to know whether you are obliged to appoint a DPO, you can use our DPO checker tool. But appointing a DPO can still be of immense benefit to you, even if you aren’t obliged by law to do so.

Advantages to a voluntarily appointed DPO

  • It transmits a clear message that you take privacy and data protection seriously, and promotes a positive image;
  • A DPO will in any event help you to fulfil the (new) obligations specified in the GDPR such as the following:
    • Providing assistance in implementing the principles of Privacy by Design & Default;
    • Providing information and advice relating to the obligations arising from the GDPR;
    • Monitoring compliance (legal and in-company policy);
    • Providing implementation and advice relating to Privacy Impact Assessments (PIA, or gegevensbeschermingseffectbeoordelingen in Dutch)
    • Collaboration with the monitoring authority (the Privacy Commission in Belgium);
  • He is your first point of contact – internally as well as externally – for matters relating to data protection, which will serve to increase trust in all the parties concerned.

Shadow DPO

If you have already appointed an internal DPO, we will be pleased to provide him with support in the performance of his duties. For example, we can update him on this new legislation in the short term, or we can provide him with support in the long term relating to the legal aspects. An additional advantage here is that we as a third party can take an objective view of the internal challenges at your organisation and can furnish him with new or different solutions.

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